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The champions of the CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM are ready to take to the slopes

October 2007 – The Skiing World Cup officially opens and the CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM 2007/2008 presents a strong team of champions.

Prestigious athletes will be competing in the CARRERA team during the 2007-2008 winter season with outstanding names such as Swedish born, Anja Paerson and Austrians Mario Matt, Hermann Maier, Rainer Schoenfelder, Michael Walchhofer and Alexandra Meissnitzer. The CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM will also be able to count on Italians Manuela and Manfred Moelgg, who start the new season as Slalom vice-champions of the world.

All eyes will also be set on two up-and-coming champions of the white circus, such as the Swede, Jens Byggmark and Swiss athlete Marc Berthod, who made their debut last season with some excellent results in their specialties, slalom and combined.

For the 2007/2008 winter season, CARRERA will also be the official supplier of helmets and ski goggles for the POOLS of Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and USA. Athletes such as the Austrians Stefan Goergl, Johan Grugger, Andrea Fischbacher, Martin Hollwarth, Cristoph Bieler and Romed Baumann, the Swiss Cornel Zuger and Tobias Grünenfelder, the Swedes Therese Borssen and Nicolas Rainer, will be competing in the various alpine and Nordic skiing specialities, always protected by CARRERA products.


The Swedish athlete, ANJA PAERSON continues to bring home excellent results, as in the case of the World Championships at Åre in Sweden. She made history as the first skier to take the title in all five alpine skiing specialities.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Anja Paerson will be wearing the “Anja Paerson” version of the FIREBALL skiing helmet and KIMERIK ski goggles.

Major victories were achieved last season by the Austrian ANDREA FISCHBACHER and the Swede THERESE BORSSEN. Both did great things in the Slalom, making the podium on several prestigious occasions.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Andrea Fischbacher will be wearing the FIREBALL 2.7 skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Therese Borssen will be wearing the NERVE skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.

A new team entry is the Austrian MARIO MATT, who during the course of last season was placed on several occasions. At the 2007 Skiing World Championships at Åre in Sweden, he took the Gold Medal in the Slalom and in the team competitions. During the 06/07 World Cup season, he also attained some brilliant results in the Slalom at Kranjska Gora, at Wengen, at Kitzbuhel and at Adelboden, where he was always placed, thus becoming the World Champion in Slalom.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Mario Matt will be wearing the FIREBALL 2.7 skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.

Among the Austrians, last year HERMANN MAIER also did well in the Downhill and Super-G and RAINER SCHOENFELDER produced excellent results in the Slalom.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Hermann Maier will be wearing the FIREBALL REPLICA skiing helmet (“Hermann Maier” version) and the KIMERIK ski goggles.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Rainer Schoenfelder will be wearing the NERVE skiing helmet and the XCHANGE ski goggles.

Among last season’s unforgettable victories, we should also recall the achievements of the Austrian athlete HANS GRUGGER in the Super-G, the placing of Austrian MICHAEL WALCHHOFER in the Downhill and the victories of Italian athlete MANFRED MOELGG, vice-champion of the world in the Special Slalom.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Hans Grugger will be wearing the FIREBALL 2.7 skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Micheal Walchhofer will be wearing the FIREBALL skiing helmet in the “Michael Walchhofer” version and the KIMERIK ski goggles.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Manfred Moelgg will be wearing the FIREBALL 2.7 skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.

Another athlete who caught everyone’s eye was the Swede JENS BYGGMARK who is making his World Cup debut. He made it to the top of the podium twice, winning the Slalom competitions at Kitzbuehel in Austria last January and closed the season in third place in the speciality ratings.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Jens Byggmark will be wearing the NERVE skiing helmet and the XCHANGE ski goggles.

Excellent performances were also provided by the Swiss athlete MARC BERTHOD, who took a fantastic second place in the final ratings of the Super Combined.
During the World Cup 2007/2008 competitions, Marc Berthod will be wearing the NERVE skiing helmet and the KIMERIK ski goggles.


The quality of CARRERA helmets and goggles which are crucial for safety, will accompany the CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM throughout all the competitions.

FIREBALL RACE 2.7 is a ski helmet suitable for competitive skiing and made of coated ABS, a very lightweight material with extensive protective capacity. This is the ideal solution for skiers seeking utmost performance. The holes in the side of the helmet, in line with the ears, allow a flow of air and ensure the skier always has a perfect perception of balance and therefore excellent equilibrium on the skis. The rear of the helmet features a housing for the ski goggles, so these cannot move from their ideal position. The helmet (ski type approval EN 1077) features an adjustable chin rest and is worn by the protagonists of the White Circus in the colours blue and white.

FIREBALL REPLICA is the racing helmet of the great White Circus champions. The graphics of this model do in fact recall the colours and details of the helmets worn by the brands spokespeople Hermann Maier, Michael Walchhofer and Anja Paerson during their fantastic performances on the Skiing World Cup slopes.
This helmet is distinguished by its extremely lightweight and innovative technical features. The helmet has a special inner lining in DRY WAVE, a material able to absorb humidity and provide the skier with utmost comfort. It also features a special housing for the goggles and a number of holes in the ear area to ensure perfect hearing and balance.
FIREBALL REPLICA (ski type approval EN 1077) is available in Hermann Maier yellow, Michael Walchhofer grey and black and Anja Paerson dark blue, all personalised with special under-paint graphics and elegant leather details.

NERVE is a ski helmet with strong lines, distinguished by a modern design and strong colours, cutting-edge technological solutions and overall protective capacity. The helmet also features a side ventilation system, providing extra comfort to the skier. Besides being able to adopt a chin rest, the helmet features a special inner lining in DRT that is able to absorb humidity. The helmet (ski type approval EN 1077) also has a front ventilation system whereby the air is recycled inside. It is available in various colours, personalised by flower motifs for the women’s helmet.

AIR MATIC is a new ski helmet with cutting-edge technology content. The attention-grabbing features that will astonish even hi-tech aficionados are the two “techno” versions of the helmet: “AIR MATIC AUDIO”, the helmet that can be wired to Ipods, and “AIR MATIC BLUETOOTH”, the helmet with special technology for wireless mobile phone connections, for communicating even out on the slopes.
The three options of the helmet make it extremely versatile: soft ear pads for a softer protection, stiff ear pads, or with both types of ear pads for total protection, depending on the requirements and conditions.
AIR MATIC (certified as suitable for skiing in compliance with CEN 1077) is available in a wide range of colourways including matte sand, semi matte silver, red, stardust and matte black.

The KIMERIK ski goggles are distinguished by advanced technological solutions. The frame is made of coated polyurethane, a thermoplastic material that is hypo-allergenic and long-lasting, besides being particularly strong. The elastic band features regulating elements on both sides for adjusting the pressure on the face. The internal perimeter of the goggles is lined with soft and strong material that ensures perfect and comfortable adherence to the face. The goggles, which provide complete protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays, also feature polarised lenses that reduce light reflection on the snow. KIMERIK features double lenses thanks to the SEAL-RING system, the inner and outer lenses remain perfectly parallel creating a heat barrier that eliminates any vision distortion and any misting effect.

The XCHANGE ski goggles have an innovative and comfortable line, featuring an exclusive and fast lens interchange system, patented by Safilo. It is a particularly functional and innovative mechanism with the lens change as it becomes necessary due to changes in the weather or the light. It is very quick and easy (just a few seconds) even when wearing gloves and in difficult conditions. The goggles feature a spare polar red lens to provide an always perfect view, while to personalise the model the type of front can also be changed, with numerous alternative high-impact graphic solutions: reptile, stars and stripes, camouflage effect or striped metal, in carbon and other appealing versions.
XCHANGE is available in the colours: clear silver matt, clear red, clear liquid orange, clear dark blue, clear liquid green, clear mat black.

The quality of the CARRERA ski helmets, ski goggles and sunglasses is guaranteed by the experience of the Safilo Group.

News and updates about the Skiing World Cup 2007/2008 competitions and the results of the CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM athletes are available on the website

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