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CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM champions ready for a new spectacular season

For the upcoming 2009-2010 Ski World Cup the CARRERA SKI RACING TEAM is ready to line up its famous champions.
First of all, a special thanks to Hermann Maier, who announced his retirement this month. Maier, double Olympic Champion and three times World Champion, is the most successful skier of every time, second only to Stenmark. CARRERA products have been with “Herminator” on the podium for all over the years.

Among the protagonists for the coming WORLD CUP: the Swiss Carlo Janka, who made a great performance last year in Val d’Isere becoming the Combined World Champion; the Swedish Anja Paerson; the Italian Manfred Moelgg; the Austrians Rainer Schoenfelder and Michael Walchhofer; Mario Matt; Elisabeth Goergl and Mario Scheiber.
The Carrera ski racing team will also include many young talents, such as the Swiss Marc Berthod, the Italian Manuela Moelgg and the Swedish Jens Byggmark, which will try and confirm last year’s great season.
The best ski-jumping athletes are part of the CARRERA team: Thomas Morgenstern (Olympic Champion) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (World Champion).

For the upcoming 2009/2010 winter season CARRERA is the official supplier of ski helmets and goggles for the AUSTRIAN, FINNISH, ITALIAN, SWEDISH, SWISS, USA and JAPANESE FEDERATIONS.
Great athletes like Stefan Goergl, Johan Grugger, Andrea Fischbacher, Cristoph Bieler, Romed Baumann, Therese Borssen and Markus Larsson will show up with CARRERA products.


Carlo Janka is ready to face the challenge of the upcoming season after the great performance of the past one: in 2008 he gained his first world cup victory in the giant slalom at Val d’Isere and the gold medal in the Super Combined general classification.
For the 2009/2010 Ski World Cup Carlo Janka will wear the BULLET ski helmet and the CARRERA STEEL goggle.

Among the unforgettable victories of last season: MICHAEL WALCHHOFER, first in the Downhill, MANFRED MOELGG, who made a great performance in the Slalom, and ROMED BAUMANN, who made it twice to the podium during the last season in the Super Combined.
During the 2009/2010 Ski World Cup Michael Walchhofer, Manfred Moelgg and Romed Baumann will wear the BULLET ski helmet and the CARRERA STEEL goggle.
Markus Larsson and Jens Byggmark are also part of the Carrera Ski Racing Team: they both chose the CROWN ski helmet and the X-CHANGE goggle.

Among Carrera female athletes, a special attention goes to ANJA PAERSON who did great in the past season winning the Super Combined Cristal and gaining the third place in the general classification.
MANUELA MOELGG and ANDREA FISCHBACHER also made a good performance last year: the former finished at the second place in the Giant Slalom at Semmering (AUT) and at La Molina (SPA) and the latter gained the silver medal in the Downhill general classification.
For the 2009/2010 Ski World Cup Anja Paerson will wear the DESIRE/R ski helmet and the CARRERA STEEL goggle.
For the 2009/2010 Ski World Cup Manuela Moelgg and Andrea Fischbacher will wear the BULLET ski helmet and the CARRERA STEEL goggle.


The outstanding quality of Carrera ski helmets and goggles, vital for safety on the ski slopes, will protect the Carrera Ski Racing Team in every challenge.

The new “BULLET” ski helmet features a rounded shape, customized with the CARRERA logo in polyurethane with a metallic effect and refined “decal” graphics. The number “56” is shown as a reference to the year of CARRERA's foundation.
Made of lightweight fiberglass, the helmet ensures a perfect fit and aerodynamic design.
The model is lined with a special fabric called “dry wave” capable of absorbing moisture and ensuring maximum comfort and breathability. A few holes in the ear zone are lined in aluminum giving a vintage effect which ensures perfect hearing perception and balance. Both the housing for the goggles and neck pad on the back are made of leather.
BULLET is available in various colours, such as white blue, white race, orange race, black and black race.

For an ultra-sophisticated effect the new fashionable “DESIRE/R” is produced with a graphic design with the shell on a black and white background. It is decorated with floral designs with a contrasting “lace” effect. Produced in ABS, it features a soft comfortable inner lining. The helmet, with its practical removable visor is also equipped with the innovative AFS Fitting System for perfect size adjustment. The mechanism is positioned on the back and makes it possible to adjust the helmet perfectly to fit any head size.

CROWN is the new ski helmet with an aggressive design and cutting-edge technology. The smooth shape has a “brushed metal” effect with concave lines, sophisticated colours, details in trendy coloured fabric and leather, whilst the CARRERA icon on the front gives it the recognizable features that makes this model so desirable. The helmet is equipped with a system of active ventilation that serves to control the air and temperature on the inside by means of a small lever that can be used to open and close the 12 holes.
The helmet is particularly versatile. The rigid outer lining on the ears can be removed to adapt the helmet to different temperature conditions.
The new helmet is equipped with the innovative AFS Fitting System, a system of size adjustment. The mechanism is positioned on the back and makes it possible to adjust the helmet perfectly to any head size.
The CROWN ski helmet is available in two versions Silver Tartan with an original tartan fabric in silver or red covering the ear zone.

CARRERA STEEL is a new model of ski goggles that has a particularly striking design and innovative technical features. The new “Zero Resistance” lenses ensure excellent aerodynamic performance and anti-fog properties, thanks also to the “Seal-Ring” technology that holds the double cylindrical lenses perfectly parallel to create a thermal barrier effect and eliminate annoying fogging. Fogging is also prevented by the active ventilation system and also helps possible distortions in the visual field. The CARRERA STEEL goggles are available in brilliant shades of orange race, white race, white blue, black matte 56 and black race.

The XCHANGE ski goggle has an innovative comfortable design and has been equipped with an exclusive rapidly interchangeable lens system patented by Safilo. Thanks to this extraordinarily functional state-of-the-art mechanism, changing the lenses to adjust to changes in the weather or lighting is particularly quick and easy - a matter of seconds - even wearing gloves and under difficult conditions. The goggles are equipped with spare lenses in polar light red to ensure perfect vision at all times. XCHANGE is available in the new versions of Silver Tartan and Bronze Tartan with a special ”brushed metal” effect on the front and a tartan effect elastic straps in shades of silver or red, or in Army Green Gaelic and Silver Gaelic colour schemes.

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