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Safilo solidarity contract will not be renewed

 The eyewear Group commits to high quality Italian manufacturing as core to its product centred strategy

Padua, July 18, 2014 – Safilo Group announces that it will not renew its solidarity contract for Longarone (BL) and Santa Maria di Sala (VE), and has signed approximately 100 voluntary exit agreements.

Today, the company underlines its intention to preserve and further strengthen its historical high-value added manufacturing craftsmanship and skilled eyewear production in its Italian plants, as part of a product centred long term company strategy. It is starting to see resulting increases in its Italian production needs.

Luisa Delgado, Chief Executive Officer of Safilo Group, stated:

“We believe that an important milestone has been laid for our future. We will go to full work for our Plants of Longarone and Santa Maria, and have found a socially sustainable solution that we worked constructively on with our employees and unions, while increasing production efficiency and strengthening staff training and requalification.

We have, therefore, prevented the 1000 potential redundancies in the Italian plants announced two years ago, along with a solidarity contract expiring on August 31, 2014, when the Armani eyewear license was lost in 2012.

The very constructive discussions with employees and unions led to a socially responsible voluntary departure framework agreement, that gave us the ability to take into account individual personal employee and family needs, and find equitable and sustainable solutions for all.

Skillful, high-value added quality eyewear manufactured in our Italian craftsmanship tradition, represents a cornerstone of our company's product centred strategy. We are committed to combining it with innovation, operational re-invention, and efficiency increases”.

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