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‘Frames Of Your Life’ - Heritage frames for a contemporary look

Following the launch of the print campaign and the interactive online project, the Giorgio Armani eyewear collection is now the subject of a new travelling street initiative: Frames of Your Life. During November 2010, in Milan, Paris, London and Berlin, four young and cool photographers and trendsetters captured images of people on the streets who, just for a moment, become lead players for, and interpreters of, Giorgio Armani eyewear-style in front of the camera.

Life is made up of consecutive moments that constantly bring something new. It is composed of different sensations and emotions, and our eyewear accompanies us on this fascinating journey like a trusted companion from who we simply cannot be parted. Each of us has a different relationship with our eyewear, depending on our personalities. The Frames of Your Life project really captures a "frame" of our own lives.

"Milan is often considered a severe city but it’s able to surprise you with its unexpected energy and vitality."
MICOL SABBADINI, photographer

"Paris is really about 'less is more' for fashion, design, and way of life."
ELEONORE BRIDGE, blogger and photographer at

"I think London embraces individuality and encourages creativity; I am lucky to be living in a city that has such a rich and vast array of culture, whether it's galleries and theatre, or restaurants and fabulous bars."
JACKIE DIXON, blogger and photographer at and

"People from all over the world are moving to Berlin, it is the most creative and inspiring - and aspiring - city in all of Germany. It is difficult to frame something that is on the move and Berlin definitely is."
NATALIE WEISS, blogger and photographer at

The best street shots from Milan, Paris, London and Berlin have been selected and uploaded onto
The result is a digital photography book presenting Giorgio Armani eyewear as seen through the lenses of these international bloggers and photographers - a showcase of the street looks they found the most stylish and representative of the Giorgio Armani aesthetic. And you can vote for your favourite shot and share it on Facebook!

The Frames of Your Life adventure departs from Europe and will reach in the first half of 2011 the United States and Asia, on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

Furthermore, a selection of the best shots from all over the world will be curated and will feature in a special event - the spectacular finale to this voyage of discovery.

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