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Polaroid / Polaroid 2015 Eyewear collection

Polaroid Eyewear, a worldwide leader in eyecare and optics and the inventor of the polarized lens, presents its new 2015 eyewear collections. Bright colors and an avant-garde design are combined with the cutting-edge polarized technology for which Polaroid has been renowned for over 75 years. It is a brand trusted all over the world for its commitment to innovation, perfect vision and the utmost eye protection.

Polaroid’s UltraSightTM polarized lenses are made of nine functional elements: a polarizing light filter, which is protected by four UV light absorbers, two shock-absorbing and two scratch-resistant layers. These innovative lenses are the result of the exclusive ThermofusionTM Technology, a breakthrough in quality and technology that allows Polaroid to form lenses in a way that fully protects the polarizer, which is at the core of the lens, delivering superior optics.
To better meet the diverse needs of all its customers, Polaroid presents two exciting new versions of its UltraSightTM lenses, which will be available starting in 2015: Ultra Light – a lighter and more flexible lens – and High Quality, a stronger and thicker version.

A young, dynamic personality for this new sunglasses collection that, thanks to the brand’s new polarized lenses, blends utmost eye protection with the latest fashion trends. A wide array of playful patterns creates new, amazing combinations. An explosion of colors offers a unique “perfect vision” experience combined with a fresh, lively spirit.

The classic rectangular shape – the past season’s hottest trend – is reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. This new model is full of energy and character, now available with Polaroid’s new Ultra Light UltraSightTM lenses.
A kaleidoscopic array of colors, inspired by the latest looks to hit the catwalks, creates an alluring interplay of contrasts and adds sparkle to the frames and mirrored lenses with “camouflage” patterns (blue with blue-gray lenses), “flower-power” patterns (lime front with black-lime floral patterns on the temples and silver lenses; emerald front with ruby-emerald floral patterns on the temples and ruby-emerald lenses), “skywalker” patterns (crystal front with sky blue temples and pink lenses), “spotty” patterns (gray front with black-lime polka-dots on the temples and gold lenses), “wood effect” patterns (turquoise front with yellow-orange temples and red lenses), and “transparent” patterns (total blue, red or dark gray with transparent effects).

Design meets comfort: these new sunglasses feature a retro-inspired softly rounded silhouette and slim metal profiles, for maximum comfort and an ultra-lightweight feel.
Polaroid’s new Ultra Light UltraSightTM polarized or mirrored lenses ensure superior eye protection without sacrificing style. These glasses are the perfect accessory for a fresh, young and dynamic look. Matte color combos include brown with blue lenses, black with silver lenses, palladium with green lenses, orange with purple lenses, purple with gold lenses, blue with red lenses.

Contemporary men
A line of men’s sunglasses that offers easy-to-wear shapes, an appealing design, attention to detail and the superior performance delivered by Polaroid’s UltraSightTM polarized lenses.

Ultra-flexible and lightweight, the new Memory Metal sunglasses feature a revolutionary material that can be twisted or bent without breaking. The new glasses have a clean, avant-garde design and are embellished with a double bridge on the front and a leather-effect detail on the temples. The pilot-shaped (PLD 2000) and rectangular-shaped (PLD 2001) versions are both available in gold with green polarized lenses or dark ruthenium with gray polarized lenses. Customers can also opt for copper lenses, the ideal choice for driving.

ULTEM – PLD 2002 and PLD 2004
Thanks to an innovative ultra-lightweight and flexible material, these injection-molded sunglasses for men deliver utmost comfort and a snug fit- the frame does not deform and is perfect for any face shape. These models feature a soft-to-the-touch finish and are characterized by the brand’s logo in contrasting hues on the temples, while Polaroid’s new High Quality UltraSightTM lenses ensure crisp, perfect vision in all light conditions.
The classic pilot-shaped model with a double bridge on the front (PLD 2002) comes in black or red with gray lenses, havana with brown lenses and blue with silver mirrored lenses.
The square-shaped version with a double bridge (PLD 2004) comes in classic shades, such as brown with gray lenses, havana with green or gray lenses and black with shaded gray lenses.

SOFT RUBBER – PLD 3004 and PLD 3005
A sporty spirit: with their easy-to-wear silhouette and flexible soft-to-the-touch rubber temples, these new Polaroid sunglasses are comfortable, lightweight and practical, perfect for everyday wear. The new Polaroid High Quality UltraSightTM lenses deliver unparalleled performance, combining eye protection with style to meet the needs of all sports and outdoor enthusiasts.
- PLD 3004 (rectangular shape) is available in dark grey with blue mirrored lenses, white with red mirrored lenses and Havana with green lenses;
- PLD 3005 (slightly curved rectangular shape) is available in matte black with grey lenses, Havana with blue-grey lenses and blue with blue mirrored lenses.

BI-INJECTED & BI-COLOR – PLD 2009 and PLD 2010
These new Polaroid sunglasses have an alluring mix of materials, lines and shades. The innovative bi-injection molded temples feature two-tone color combinations and overlapping volumes, creating a fine interplay of contrasts. Rubber details on the temples add a distinctive touch and highlight the dynamic mood of the new model, available in two versions:
- PLD 2009 (rectangular front) comes in gloss black with a gray insert, havana with black-brown temples, matte black with black-blue temples, blue with black-blue temples, matched with gray polarized lenses
- PLD 2010 (rectangular slim metal front) comes in matte black with black-blue temples and gray lenses, ruthenium with gray-blue temples and gray lenses or gold with brown-brass temples and brown lenses.

Polaroid has always paid great attention to kids, making constant efforts to meet their specific needs in terms of eye protection and safety. Childrens’ eyes are more sensitive to UV rays that adults’, because they are clearer and more delicate and exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to UV rays can cause short- and long-term health problems. Sunglasses are therefore a must-have accessory to protect the eyes, especially at high altitudes or when at the beach.
That is why Polaroid only uses UltraSightTM polarized lenses for its KIDS collections, which block all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays (100% UV400 protection).
Polaroid’s new collections are the result of the brand’s commitment to innovative materials and design. The new sunglasses for younger wearers ensure a perfect fit, combining functionality and safety with a trendy, playful look.

The new Polaroid sunglasses for kids aged 4 to 7 are tinged with a kaleidoscopic array of colors, which add a lively touch and a dash of imagination. The soft-to-the-touch rubber finish provides maximum comfort and a lightweight feel, while the hingeless design and the absence of metal elements ensure safety in any situation. With unparalleled eye protection, Polaroid’s UltraSight TM polarized lenses block all harmful UV rays, eliminate glare and provide superior vision.
The PLD 8001 model has a square shape featuring bold color contrasts between the front and temples and between the inside and outside of the frame. Available in blue front with white-orange temples, red with blue-yellow temples, fuchsia with lilac-green temples, crimson with yellow-green temples.

The POLAROID eyewear collections are designed, produced and distributed by the Safilo Group.

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