“Have you ever wondered who's behind a pair of glasses? It's us, from Safilo”

Vision & Innovation

The Safilo Way

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Our brands

It is our craftsmanship and our excellent expertise that allow us to make the most of the DNA of our proprietary and licensed brands. Every day, we create unique, high-quality eyewear designs that help people to express their personality and style to the full.

The future is sustainable

What does sustainability mean? For us at Safilo, it means looking to the future to make it better, growing together and, at the same time, respect the planet and the people who will be there tomorrow. To do so, we implement strategies that involve every aspect of our business: design, production, choice of materials, quality and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves our business 360-degrees, from the creative phase through to relations with stakeholders, customers and consumers. We believe that digital tools and processes can support us in designing a more sustainable future.

Our heritage

Since 1878, creating high-quality eyewear with innovative designs has been our mission.

An overview of our business

An overview of financial reports, business reports and balance sheets to give you an insight of what we do every day.

Press releases

Launch of Safilo Group S.p.A. share purchase programme

Price Sensitive

Publication of the new Articles of Association

Notice of change to the share capital

Publication of the Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting of April 24, 2024

Our story

Establishment of the first eyewear facility
Foundation of Safilo
Commercial offices in Europe, Elasta hinge patent and launch of the UFO model
Acquisition of the company Starline Optical Corp (subsequently Safilo USA)
Opening of the first Safilo subsidiary in China