IR Policy

The Investor Relations function coordinates and manages the Group's communication to the financial market, in particular, managing relationships with investors and analysts.

It is Safilo Group’s IR Policy to provide accurate and timely information about the Group's strategies and actions, its business development and its financial and economic results, in accordance with legal requirements and on the basis of corporate governance standards, best practices and recommendations from relevant organizations.

The Group strives to meet high standards in this area and places an emphasis on the quality, consistency and continuity of the information disclosed, also enabling an effective two–way communication between the company and the financial community, in line with the approved investor relations strategies and plans. 

Core responsibilities of the Investor Relations function:

  • preparing and coordinating the issuing of financial announcements, publications and presentations containing price sensitive and relevant information for the market;

  • monitoring and providing support to ensure that the Company meets disclosure requirements, promptly disseminating price-sensitive and relevant information for shareholders, investors and analysts;

  • providing its own observations in the process of analyzing and reviewing the annual and half-year reports and consolidated non-financial information statements;

  • managing Safilo’s Investor Relations website. Safilo publishes information on its web site in order to make it available to all investors and stakeholders. As the main source of information about the Group, the IR 's web site publishes both current information and archives of previously released information. The site appears in both English and Italian, and new information is always published in the two languages.