The Safilo Way

As pioneers in the eyewear industry, we design and manufacture unique glasses leveraging our deep expertise and looking to the future every day. 

Our vision of beauty goes beyond fashion and time, embracing a more human and sustainable perspective, to be discovered through our glasses and eyewear products.

Our added value is our exquisite craftsmanship, our continuous innovation in materials and technology, our product excellence, our deep respect for the environment and for the world around us. We believe that a product is well made if it makes people and the planet feel good and if it contributes to sustaining and representing the beauty of the world. 

Our aims

We look at the world with a new vision, aware of the social and environmental challenges and the opportunities to address them, such as the potential of the digital transformation we are investing in. We address customers and consumers who are increasingly aware of the need for a genuine change that brings wellbeing to people and is deeply connected to caring for the planet. 

Our values

For us, valuing our people means listening to their needs, meeting their expectations, rewarding results, improving living conditions, delivering high quality products, sharing ideas, asking for feedback, ensuring transparent and reliable collaboration. In short, growing together.

Sustainability is about taking a responsible, forward-looking approach to every action and decision, so that our business is sustainable and contributes to the wellbeing of the planet, as well as of the people, who are always at the heart of our mission. Find out more about our sustainability vision.

We invest in innovation and digital technology, adopting an increasingly 4.0 approach in our industry, looking beyond the opportunities of new technologies, improving working conditions and productivity, and aiming to be at the forefront of sustainable growth.