Buying days

Events dedicated to our customers

Buying Days are an engaging way to present our new collections and releases. We organise these sessions for our customers and top accounts.

With our Customer Care and Sales teams, we welcome our customers to Safilo’s showrooms to showcase new collections, highlighting each single brand. These valuable opportunities to meet and exchange ideas have become well established over the years, allowing us to take customers on a journey to discover new trends and what’s new in our brand portfolio, as well as to define marketing actions together.

Buying Days are a key, rewarding moment with our top customers.

In 2020, we also launched digital Buying Days sessions through Safilo’s Virtual Showroom. Through joint online sessions, we can offer an accurate presentation to our customers, accompanying training sessions with interactive videos, 360-degree product shots, marketing content and much more. During these digital Buying Days sessions, we are able to provide engaging insights into the styles and specific features of our collections, and even a detailed view of our products. Customers can also select their product range and order products.

The Virtual Showroom enables all-in-one online customer interaction, allows for engaging communication and enhances our contact with our customers, always remaining close by their side.