Share Capital

On 26 September 2018, the Board of Directors resolved to convene the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting for 29 October 2018 to approve a share capital increase for consideration, for a maximum amount of Euro 150 million. The share capital increase, approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting held on 29 October 2018 and completed in 2 January 2019, was fully subscribed for a total number of 213,043,881 newly issued shares and for a total consideration of Euro 149,982,892.22. Following the execution of the share capital increase, the new share capital of the Company is represented by 275,703,846 ordinary shares, for a total consideration of Euro 349,943,372.53.

The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on October 29th, 2018 resolved to eliminate the nominal value of ordinary shares, such resolution was filed with the Company Register of Padua on October 31st, 2018.

Evolution of the Share capital of Safilo Group S.p.A

No. of sharesEuroNominal valueCommunication of variation
From 8 January 2019275.703.846349.943.372,53-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 29 October 201862.659.965313.299.825,00-DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 September 201662.659.965313.299.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 15 July 201562.629.965313.149.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 11 June 201562.579.965312.899.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 3 July 201462.534.965312.674.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 28 May 201462.394.965311.974.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 13 May 201462.369.965311.849.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 February 201462.289.965311.449.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 23 December 201362.199.965310.999.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 4 December 201362.059.965310.299.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 18 July 201361.769.965308.849.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 4 April 201261.739.965308.699.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 10 May 201056.821.965284.109.825,005,00DOWNLOAD PDF
From 25 March 20101.136.439.310284.109.827,500,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 March 2010987.328.560246.832.1400,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 5 February 2010313.933.54078.483.3850,25DOWNLOAD PDF
From 27 June 2007285.394.12871.348.5320,25