Safilo’s creation process

Beauty takes shape

Unique craftsmanship and more than 140 years of manufacturing tradition in the eyewear sector: this is our heritage and the expertise that were handed down unchanged over time and which constantly merge with the technological innovation of products and processes to deliver products of excellence and the highest quality.

Our eyewear is more than just an accessory: it is a creative idea that becomes a reality, the result of a process in which every step is curated in detail and with passion, expertise and technical know-how.

R&D and design

Research and market analysis help us identify key trends, not only in the eyewear sector but also in fashion and technology. The challenge for our creative teams is to translate these macro-trends into eyewear designs that are always functional, innovative and reflect the specific DNA of each brand.

Every eyewear piece takes shape by blending classic and modern, past and present, Italian tradition and technological innovation. At Safilo we are brand-driven and design-inspired. In our strategic decisions, we focus on the highest quality, creative ability and craftsmanship, to transform our designs into unparalleled glasses with cutting-edge technical features and a style that dictates fashion trends around the world.


From the sketch of an idea to an eyewear piece to be admired and worn: the most advanced technologies (hardware and software) for 3D design, CAD-CAM, technical development and prototypes ensure maximum precision and allow us to meticulously check the technical feasibility, comfort and fit of each pair of glasses.


We use traditional materials, including acetate and metal, but also materials of the future, which are the result of innovation and experimentation.

To design a more sustainable future, we research and use high-quality materials that are also innovative and environmental-friendly, without ever compromising on quality. These materials offer excellent performance, robustness, lightness and comfort for outstanding ethical and aesthetic results.


End-to-end production of eyewear within each production site ensures agility, flexibility, maximum efficiency and reduced lead- times for the different types of materials used - metal, acetate and injection-moulded materials.

Manufacturing skills and technological innovation are combined throughout the production process, which can involve up to 200 different steps for a single pair of glasses: from milling to assembly, passing through tumbling, core insertion, welding, polishing, shining, laser engraving and lens fitting. Many of these steps are performed by hand with great ability and precision by our experienced craftsmen.

All stages of the production cycle are constantly monitored to ensure maximum safety for workers and products, in compliance with our safety guidelines and quality certifications.

Cleaning and finishing

The cleaning operations are very important steps, aimed at correcting any imperfections in the glasses before galvanic and varnishing treatments, whilst at the same time giving the final touch, i.e. preparing the metal for washing and galvanic treatment, mechanically removing all residue of filler materials and tumbling pastes.

Galvanic treatments and varnishing

At this delicate stage we obtain the elegant finishes that make our glasses unique: the semi-finished frames are immersed in tanks containing precious metal solutions that are deposited on the surfaces to make them shiny and bright and protect them from wear and corrosion over time. The frames are then ready to be varnished to obtain distinctive colours and effects.

Lenses production

Lenses are the natural complement to our frames. Made of synthetic resins such as polycarbonate or polyamide, lenses go through several production stages that require skill, ability and precision. These start with moulding, when plastic granules are mixed with coloured pigments, melted and injected into moulds, where they are transformed into the finished lens. Next comes lacquering, i.e. the homogeneous application of an anti-scratch and anti-abrasion film, and finally coating, which includes a series of special treatments designed to colour, create shades and add decorative or anti-reflection effects.

Finishing and decorations

In the finishing phase, refined knowledge and superior craftsmanship complete our frames with trimmings and embellishments, application of enamels and rhinestones, and other precious decorations. These applications are done entirely by hand by our expert craftsmen, who work piece by piece with great skill, passion and meticulous attention to detail, transforming our glasses into works of art to be worn.

At the finishing stage, craftsmanship works hand in hand with high-tech machines for the lasering and marking steps, in a perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

Quality and compliance

In the final production step, that of quality control, we examine lenses and frames and check the mechanics of temples and hinges. The product is perfected in every detail and is ready for marking, an engraving system that allows us to make our glasses traceable and identifiable throughout the distribution chain.