Our Purpose

Defining a new vision of beauty

The Safilo Way

Glasses are more than just an accessory: they are the lens through which we look at and define the beauty around us. At Safilo, we have been true to this since 1878, when we first started designing and manufacturing sunglasses and optical frames, helmets, goggles and sports glasses. Eyewear products created with passion, expertise, timeless style and an eye on a more sustainable future.

Safilo around the world

We have a global presence with our own production facilities, showrooms, offices and design studios in Padua, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and Portland. With direct subsidiaries in 40 countries and a network of more than 50 qualified partners in 70 other countries, our distribution network reaches around 100,000 points of sale. With our e-commerce platforms and Internet Pure Player partners, we can be closer to our customers in order to meet their needs at any time, wherever they are.

Looking to the future

We are convinced that innovation and digital transformation of processes are the best tools to leverage on in order to make our business more sustainable and eco-conscious, and at the same time more in line with people’s needs and expectations. A unique opportunity to define tomorrow together.

The skills, experience and human value of the people in our management team.

The ongoing relationship with our suppliers is key to always ensuring reliability and sustainability throughout our supply chain and distribution network. We take care of every detail, and this is why we select all our partners very thoroughly.

The skills, experience and human value of the people in our management team.

Our history

From our origins to the present day, our journey has been one of passion for design and continuous research for innovation.