Strategies for the future

Our key strategies

The needs and expectations of customers and end-consumers guide our choices and our growth path, and our digital transformation is re-shaping our business360-degree, including direct-to-consumer strategies. The development of our business-to-business channels with the new You&Safilo platform and the new Customer Relationship Management system foster an increasingly digital relationship with opticians, which is simpler and faster thanks to a flexible, streamlined organisation. We focus on digital communication through social media and digital marketing to nurture direct (D2C) and indirect (B2B) business. We have also digitalised many business processes to ensure that we are even more agile. In terms of brands, we are aiming for a portfolio that includes a greater balance of proprietary and licensed brands. Sustainability is the key strategy that runs through and sustains every aspect of our business.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation involves a change in leadership, a different way of thinking, new business models and a greater use of technology to improve the experience of all stakeholders.

For us, digitalisation therefore not only means adopting new technological tools, but also focusing on the strategic innovation of our business model, which is why digital is one of the main growth drivers in our Group Business Plan 2020-2024. We have focused on digital sales channels, growing both through acquisitions, with our latest brand additions of Blenders Eyewear and Privé Revaux, and organically, with the launch of the new e-commerce platform for our brand Smith and the creation of a digital hub of excellence to share our best practices across brands. In the B2B area, we have launched the new You&Safilo platform and the new Customer Relationship Management system. We invested in training an internal digital team to support our brands and the various business streams. Finally, we invested in industry 4.0 and in digitalising non-core processes at our manufacturing facilities and headquarters.

Our approach to sustainability

People, Product and Planet are the three pillars underpinning our approach to sustainability and driving our projects and initiatives for an increasingly responsible and green future. For us, sustainability means first and foremost protecting the environment and a responsible use of renewable resources and materials and greener production processes, but it is also our commitment to bringing our products into the world, their impact on people and local territories. We nurture and convey transparent and shared corporate values and objectives.

We are guided by our history

A long history of passion, dedication, reliability and craftsmanship of the highest quality, which began in the Cadore area more than a century ago and now guides us in facing the challenges of the present time and anticipating innovative solutions for the future.

A forward-looking vision

We are proud of our unique and distinctive heritage in the eyewear sector and, at the same time, we are also investing to modernise our products and business processes. Thanks to our international design studios and our global manufacturing footprint, we are able to invest not only in technology, but also in craftsmanship and continuous training, because our people and their contribution are crucial to the Group’s long-term success.

The know-how that makes us unique

We are committed to the excellence of our products, paying a huge amount of attention to details, to changes in fashion trends and to the evolution of market dynamics, always striving to retain and improve our inimitable craftsmanship and expertise. We carefully select business partners with whom we can share visions and goals and grow together.