People Centric

We believe people are at the heart of everything. For this reason, we strive to make the work environment also a place where, at any time, we can thrive and develop our skills, sharing experiences and collaborating with everyone. In this way we create relationships based on trust, competence, and loyalty. In this way we create value.

Purpose Led

We always look for the best balance between present and future. We believe in projects that are not limited to the short term, and that have always a strong sense of environmental, cultural, and social responsibility. Only in this way we can work concretely to improve our planet and contribute to the development of a truly inclusive and sustainable economy. In this way we look forward.

Innovation Driven

We always look in one direction: beyond. To do this, always starting from our roots entrenched in tradition, we work for a new concept of innovation that can unite beauty and functionality, that evolves based on a digital model, and that approaches the world in a clear and responsible way. Innovation that allows our never-ending passion to go beyond the ordinary. In this way we create the future.




In Safilo, we promote a positive work-life balance by offering flexibile conditions and smart working solutions.


You will find a welcoming, stimulating, and multicultural environment, where everyone's uniqueness brings value.


Safilo is a real school, allowing you to stay in contact with proper professionals and increase your competencies.



The Commercial division, the face of the company towards our customers, is made up of a team of hundreds of people who, every day, manage their respective geographical areas and customers, representing Safilo with opticians from all over the world. Each country’s team takes care of marketing and of product visibility for our owned and licensed brands, keeping in constant contact with customers to capture their needs and those of the end consumer in order to offer the best possible service.
The work of the Licensed Brands & Product Design team is a continuous challenge to innovate, research, design, color and develop a small and complex but also essential accessory which, at the same time, must be fashionable and highly technical. The passion for the product and its design, the ability to anticipate international trends and to guide the local ones, and the attention to data analysis are the essential features which characterize this team.
The Home Brands Sustainability and Communication is a team of experts in Branding, Marketing, Communication, and Sustainability, driven by hard work and a great passion for eyewear and our consumers. They are a multicultural global Team, keen to make our portfolio of brands stand out in the market, creating stories which can convey the uniqueness and relevance of each brand, thanks to digital media which, every day, reaches millions of people all around the world. Key innovation and communication trends provide Safilo with important inspiration to captivate our customers and final consumers with our products.
The Digital Transformation & Customer Marketing team plans and develops each tool, activity, and project by always placing our customers at the heart of the strategy. In fact, Safilo does not simply develop easy B2B solutions, but actual client-oriented programmes. Safilo's mission is at the same time both simple and profound: listening, understanding, and going beyond the clients' expectations. Safilo's objective is to become the optician’s preferred partner, and to work every day to make a success of its businesses.
The people in Safilo's ICT division are the real added value of this area. The team is in passionate about technology and developing new solutions, especially the most modern and innovative ones. Curiosity towards new software, applications, devices, apps, and the interest data analysis are what make Safilo's ICT professionals unique.

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