Growing within Safilo

The right people in the right place

We believe that the right people in the right place can make a difference to the Group’s long-term success and sustainable growth. This is why we choose professionals with the right skills and experience and young talents with great potential, who believe in our values and who express them through their behavior, their attitude and their personality. People motivated to grow with us by creating their own success together with Safilo’s.

A tailor-made career

Just like people, each and every career path is unique. Our people’s success is our success. This is why we work together in order to find the most suitable path, combining the skills, motivation and expectations of each person with the company’s needs. We encourage internal growth at an international level, because at Safilo it is people who make the difference.

Improving every day

We see willingness to learn, to become involved, to innovate and to do things differently as key features that set people apart, and we encourage them with opportunities for further learning and training. In a constantly changing market, people who care about their own improvement and development make the difference, so that we can grow together every day.

At Safilo, we also believe that being able to share our knowledge with generosity is a fundamental skill. This is why our leaders look after their teams by example and through coaching, becoming role models always committed to personal and staff development.