The Safilo Way

Our values


For us, empowering people means listening to their needs, meeting their expectations, rewarding results, improving living conditions, delivering high-quality products, sharing ideas, asking for feedback, and ensuring transparent and reliable collaboration. In short, growing together.

>3.800employees across the world in 2023
58%of the total workforce are women
10%of employees under 30 years of age in 2023
57%of all employees hired in 2023 are under 30 years of age
50+employee nationalities
13nationalities at executive and management level in 2023


Sustainability is about taking a responsible, forward-looking approach to every action and decision, so that our business is sustainable in the long-term and contributes to the wellbeing of the planet and people, who are always at the heart of our mission. Find out more about our sustainability vision.

Responsible innovation

We invest in innovation and digital technology, adopting an increasingly 4.0 approach to our industry, looking beyond the opportunities of new technologies, improving working conditions and productivity, and aiming to be at the forefront of sustainable growth.

Life at Safilo

Occupational health and safety

A healthy company is a place where everyone can work safely, and where their health is safeguarded. This commitment involves everyone at Safilo. Since 2012, our Health and Safety Management System has been certified according to international standards (ISO 45001:2018) at all production sites and at our Group’s headquarters.

Industrial relations

Safilo regards the relationship with trade unions as an important element of collaboration in order to continually improve working conditions, face together problems and support the needs of employees. The role played by each trade union delegation is crucial, so we are committed to maintaining strong relationships with all of them. Find out more in our Group Business Plan 2023-2027.

Diversity and inclusion

At Safilo, we have always believed that diversity is a source of wealth and creativity. We promote an inclusive working environment where differences are welcomed, creating value, and where everyone’s talent and merit are rewarded and valued.

Ethics and integrity

These values are so important to us that we have produced a manual that reflects our commitment; the ‘Worldwide Business Conduct Manual - The Safilo Way’. Our aim is to establish corporate policies to help our people act in line with the Group’s principles. Operating with integrity, accountability and transparency with all the people we interact with is in our DNA.

Anti-corruption and whistleblowing

To report potential violations of the ‘Worldwide Business Conduct Manual’ or of the law, we have implemented a global whistleblowing system.