PORTS was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1961 by visionary entrepreneur, Luke Tanabe. One of the first to adopt the revolutionary jet set lifestyle, PORTS appealed to those who understood it was possible to travel, dream and work all at once: breakfast in the Sahara then dinner in New York. With this inner essence of “Global Soul, Urban Spirit,” PORTS soon became synonymous with cutting-edge fashion, design excellence and a free nomadic spirit. In 1993, PORTS and became the first high-end fashion brand to land in China. With its international image, PORTS rapidly become the first choice for many elite women in China. In 1999, PORTS also introduced the eyewear category: the simple and elegant eyewear collections are widely renowned and respected in the Chinese fashion glasses industry.  Link to the official brand website:https://www.ports-intl.com

Glasses and sunglasses collection for women

POF11908 BK
POF21204 GD
POF23204 RG
POF23301 BK
PSF24301 GYG9